If you’ve lost your job to the COVID19 pandemic, GKG Marketing is offering FREE career coaching to members of Career Connectors and LNC.

Win More Business More Often

GKG Marketing knows that in business, there’s first place … and then there’s everybody else.  The race goes to the swift.  Our focus is making your team nimble, agile and responsive to help you win more business more often.

We collaborate at every level of our clients’ organizations. We introduce new processes, help develop resident leadership, nourish customer relationships and craft market strategies that generate growth.  We create synergy and strategic alignment between sales, marketing, product development and customer success teams. We turn tired businesses into thriving, centers of creativity.  

We Help You Meet or Exceed Your Goals

At the customer level, our approach promotes mutual success and problem resolution. Our expertise includes consultative selling and account based marketing, with a strong track record of identifying, engaging, converting and expanding key customers and prospects.

"I highly recommend Greg to anyone considering an executive coach and who is committed to personal growth and development."
- Jeffrey Baker

"Greg continues to help us create more competitive positioning by focusing on what we do best: serving our customers."
- Linda Foster
"Gregory works from a position of high integrity, providing tailored marketing responses that are executable and measurable; commensurate with a high-end service provider."
- Andrew Paskin
"Greg continues to transform businesses with his drive, vision and solid management skills... He has evolved as an inspirational thought leader and mentor to professionals that can benefit from his technology expertise and executive leadership."
- Jennifer Pelfini, Business & Marketing Consultant

Our Marketing Services

Our Three Tiered Service Structure


Listen, Clarify, Validate


Testing and Implementation