“The biggest obstacles in performance isn’t not knowing what to do; it’s not doing what we know.”
– Alan Fine

Gregory Gaines is a collaborative, process-oriented, strategic thinker who is highly respected in the business community. He works from a position of high integrity, providing tailored marketing responses that are executable and measurable; commensurate with a high-end service provider. Gregory has improved how our client’s marketing and sales organizations performed; helped them to penetrate new markets and expand the way they serve their existing customers.
- Andrew Paskin, CEO, Global Manufacturing Solutions

We have benefited greatly from working with Greg for the last several years. His expertise in sales and marketing, including his guidance in our website redesign and rebranding efforts, have allowed us to reach our immediate goals. Greg continues to help us create more competitive positioning by focusing on what we do best: serving our customers.
- Linda Foster, Sales & Marketing Manager

Greg’s sales and marketing talents, and his business acumen directly and positively affected my career objectives. My professional demeanor changed because of Greg’s ability to listen, observe and challenge me with insights. I highly recommend Greg to anyone considering an executive coach and who is committed to personal growth and development. His real-world business experience, patient demeanor, and insightful questioning made him a perfect choice for me.
- Jeffrey Baker, Strategic Business Development

“Greg is a strategic marketing and sales leader who has a keen sense of creating exceptional marketing and sales initiatives that meet market needs. Unlike many chief executives, Greg is also willing to roll up his sleeves to make his plans work. In today’s customer-centric business environment, Greg has the right approach: he listens to customer’s needs and concerns, understands bottom-line goals, develops and implements plans that meet or exceed revenue goals. He delivers.

Greg created product and pricing plans in a challenging environment that addressed the customer’s varied requirements; revamped the sales organization to better align with his customers; created a sales compensation systems that motivated the sales force and partnered with the operations team to deliver products with the desired features – all leading to record revenues for the company.

Outside of work, Greg is a valuable member of the local community — he mentors and coaches others and shares his insights and experience.

- Perry Tarnofsy, General Counsel

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